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Alumni Spotlight 

Jim Webster '70

On April 13th we honored another MIHS alum that has contributed to the program’s success.
From the class of 1970 is Jim Webster!
Jim grew up on MI –playing baseball at age 7 through Little League, Babe Ruth and Senior Babe Ruth league.  Jim a catcher from day one and was coached by his Dad until High School.  At MIHS he was a 3-year starting catcher under the great MIHS coach, Bernie Averill.  Jim was a decorated athlete at MIHS, earning the following awards:
’70 – All Kingco first team, MVP, All-State, Team Captain
’70 – MIHS Hall of Fame – baseball (& football)
’70 – MIHS – Voted “Star Athlete of the Year”
’71 – ’73 – Played baseball and football at Claremont Men’s College
’71 – Coached baseball (called honkball) in the Netherlands
’72 – Coached the MIHS summer league baseball team
And the best is for last from ’76-’87 played for the Roanoke slow pitch team!
Jim continued his sports legacy by having two kids that played lacrosse, football and Cross Country for MIHS.   
We are grateful that Jim was able to join us to throw out the first pitch!
Scalzo's Throw Out First Pitch

Anthony '16, Grandpa Don, Joe '08 & Gerry Scalzo '72 {photo: Debbie Conder}

On March 31st before the Juanita game, we honored several MIHS alumni that have contributed to the program’s success.  The cool thing is that they are all from the same Family!

Class of 2016 - Anthony Scalzo

Anthony started off his championship career by being of member of the infamous Little League Northwest Champions that represented Mercer Island in Williamsport at the Little League World Series. He continued playng both baseball and football and capped off his high school career as a valued member of the 2015 State Championship team, the first State Championship baseball team in Islander history.

Anthony is a 2 two time All-Kingco selection as well as All-state in his Junior season for his clutch hitting in the State playoffs. He is currently attending Gonzaga University and studying business. 

Class of 2008 - Joe Scalzo

Joe was a 4-year varsity player for the Islanders from 2005-08. The speedy second basemen led the Kingco league and set the school record in stolen bases in both 2007 and 2008. He hit .500 his senior year, which at the time was the school record as well. Joe was a unanimous All-Kingco selection and selected All State his senior year. He was also selected as the 3A Kingco league representative in the prestigious All-State Baseball Tournament held in Tri-Cities. Joe attended the University of Washington and currently resides in Seattle.

Class of 1972 - Gerry Scalzo

Gerry was from the MIHS class of 1972 and played catcher for three years for the great coach Bernie Averill. He continued to the University of Washington where he caught for the Huskies for three years. Gerry now lives with his family in Snoqualmie.

“Grandpa” Don Scalzo

Grandpa Scalzo sent 7 kids and 7 grandkids through MIHS sports programs. His grandkids account for 16 All- Kingco Awards, multiple All-state awards, several Kingco and State team title appearances, MIHS Sports Hall of Fame entry, with a few more yet to graduate. If there is a High School game, match or meet Don is probably there.

We thank you guys for the contributions you’ve made to the Mercer Island sports and the community, we were honored to recognized them as part of the MIHS baseball alumni family. 


Noah Hsue '17 prepares for his Husky freshman year.
GoHuskies.com: What kind of feelings do you have you are about to kick off the season?  More
Josh Stenberg '16

Josh Stenberg MIHS Class of 2016


March 13, 2017

Due to recent news and recurring back injuries, furthering my baseball career would jeopardize my health for the rest of my life. I am walking away from the game today. Baseball has done so much for me and will always have a special place in my heart. Although today I'm walking away from the game, I'll never forget the memories and friends I made along the way.

I'll miss it so much😰  

Those of us in the MI Baseball Community want to thank Josh and the entire Stenberg family for the many years of support and achievement on and off the field.  From the LLWS team to the run through our first baseball state championship, we are proud to call you an Islander!


Josh Stenberg with the walkoff homer in the 13th to help the Islanders win the 3A state Championship #stpreps

A video posted by Seattle Times Preps (@stpreps) on


Mercer Island celebrates as they are now the 3A Champions #stpreps

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Harrison Goonewardene '16
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The Husky Baseball team welcomes in a group of newcomers for the 2017 season that helped make up one of the nation's top-10 overall classes. Leading up to the season-opener on Feb. 17, GoHuskies.com will feature some of the newcomers online and through UW Baseball's social channels. Featured today is right-handed pitcher Harrison Goonewardene out of Mercer Island, Wash.
How has the transition from high school to college been for you? 
I think it was what I expected. It's what I had heard from my high school coaches and everything, but obviously there's stuff that you don't really hear and people don't really talk about as much. I think it went pretty smoothly into the fall, I was excited for the transition.
Your high school coach Dominic Woody was a Husky. Did he ever talk to you about his experiences at UW and push you this way? 
He'd always tell me if I didn't do something right in practice or whatever that I'd be punished for that at the next level. You can't be doing that stuff and get away with it. He really pushed me to be that next level player and helped me big time with an easier transition into here, having him gone through it already, especially in this program.
What was it like to win the first state title ever for Mercer Island baseball junior year? 
It was a good run, we got hot right at the end, at the right time in playoff baseball. It was pretty cool because we got to play at Husky Ballpark so it was pretty special.
What was the recruiting process like for you? When did you hear from Washington and when did you commit? 
Going into sophomore year, (Donegal) Fergus was down at Baseball Northwest in Centralia and saw me. I pitched later that tournament and JK (Jason Kelly) came and watched that. They went through my pitching coach, Dave Wainhouse, Joe's dad. Fergus knew him so we got in touch through them and then they had me out on two unofficial visits and they offered me the Oregon football weekend, I think the middle of October maybe my sophomore year and then a week later I committed here. It was pretty crazy to know that you are going to college already because everyone else is different and have to apply to so many schools and have test scores and everything and everyone is stressing out. I was pretty lucky and blessed to know that I just had that in my back pocket.
Have you always been a Husky fan?
Ever since we moved here I always enjoyed going to the games and watching players. Through high school having so many coaches that went here and played here, it really made me fall in love with the school and the program.
When did you move to the area? 
We moved when I was pretty young, kindergarten I think. Then we moved away and moved back so this is the longest I've lived in one place. I was born in California and then we moved to Texas, moved up to Seattle and left Seattle in fourth grade, went to Chicago for two years and then moved back. I have been here ever since.
With so many new faces on the team, how is everyone coming together? 
I think that this team has great chemistry, we've been bonding really well and we all hang out. I haven't seen that little pest in the locker room that some teams have. I think that we get along really well and go about our business in the right way. I went to high school with Michael (Petrie) and its pretty cool that I get to play with him at the next level again for four years. Four years in high school and hopefully three or four here with him as well.
What are you thinking about majoring in? 
Biology as a pre-med student. Biology has always been interesting to me and comes easy to me. I still have to study for it and all but it's always been an interesting topic to me. I've been looking with (academic advisor) Robyn (Hefner) about fisheries and aquatic sciences something like that. I don't really know what I want to do, maybe a doctor, but I haven't figured it out.
What do you like to do when you're not playing baseball? 
I love the outdoors, so I love going hiking with friends and family. My dad and I always go hunting and fishing a lot. I like being out on the water in the lake and boating.
Describe yourself as a pitcher. 
They've been working with me to keep the ball down low and being like a sinker-ball pitcher, so keep sinking the ball in. Also working my curve ball and slider to kind of go back door with it. I'm also developing the change up. My only fastball is the sinker that they want me to throw. They don't want me to throw a four-seam ball, only two seams. I'm more about movement than velocity.
Do you have any goals for yourself this year? 
This year, I want to get in as many innings as I can to show that I can prove myself out there in the pen and know that I can come in during any situation and be a sturdy arm out of the pen.
What's it like to use these facilities after watching them be built? 
It was pretty cool to see it because I lived pretty close and my dad and I would come in the fall on weekends and watch them practice and see that they barely had the turf down so it's pretty cool to see how it transformed into the beautiful ball park it is now. It's pretty neat to be a part of it now. 
From gohuskies.com


Michael Petrie '16
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The Husky Baseball team welcomes in a group of newcomers for the 2017 season that helped make up one of the nation's top-10 overall classes. Leading up to the season-opener on Feb. 17, GoHuskies.com will feature some of the newcomers online and through UW Baseball's social channels. Featured today is catcher Michael Petrie out of Mercer Island, Wash.
What was it like working with one of the greatest Husky catchers of all time, Dominic Woody, who was your high school coach?
Dominic caught here and he also played in the field a little bit and his versatility kind of helped me develop versatility behind the plate. My sophomore year I played third base at Mercer Island and then junior and senior year I caught. He was really strong in using skills in the field and behind the plate. So yeah he's perspective and being versatile really helped me with my athleticism behind the plate.
What has led to the success of Mercer Island baseball?
Part of it was the introduction of our Little League when I was in the second grade because kids always used to go off the island for baseball. Now they're trying to isolate kids and keep them on the island. We have programs on the island for club baseball now too. Our coaching staff at Mercer Island high school is unbelievable. My freshman year we had three coaches that played at UW within the last ten years. That was extremely helpful because coaches that have played at the Pac-12 level really understand what it takes to transition from high school to college baseball.
What was his reaction when you told him you were going to UW?
He helped me get a conversation with the coaches here. They came to a few of our high school games throughout the years. He was really happy he knew that I would love to here and this is a great fit for me.
How has Tanner Swanson helped you continue your development behind the plate since you have arrived at UW?
Swanny's catching coaching style is unlike all the coaches I've had in years past. He is a strong believer that there's no one way to do something and part of what we practice is feeling out multiple different techniques and kind of arriving at your own style to do things behind the plate. Some things that work for Joey (Morgan) or (Nick) Kahle might not work as well for me.
With Joey being out in the fall and Willie MacIver basically making a move to third base there were so many more reps behind the plate for you. How helpful was that in helping you get better?

I was extremely lucky to get pretty much all the innings possible behind the plate through the fall versus normally I would have to split innings through the fall. That really helped my transition.
What kind of catcher is Nick Kahle?
Him and I are pretty different in terms of our catching style, he really controls the ball and controls the running game well. The way he judges balls and I've learned a lot from the way he does things versus the way. Being in the group of catchers we get to spend a lot of time together.
What kind of expectations do you have for yourself this season? 
With the great competition behind the plate, I really want to learn as much as I can from Joey and all of his experience. I also want to help all of our pitchers out there with their development.  Just all the time we're working on them with stuff, being another like perspective and giving feedback on them.
You were teammates with Harrison Goonewardene at Mercer Island and now he is here with you. What was it like to catch Harrison in high school and now here? 
I've caught Harrison a lot. We've been on many teams together since the sixth grade but catching him so many times I know how much he's changed as a pitcher. For example, he really likes developing new pitches. The more I catch him the stronger relationship between pitcher and catcher is better and we're more efficient.
What have you seen from our pitching staff?
Although we do a lot of young guys that haven't had very much experience, I think
we have a lot of versatile arms. We have a lot of guys that can come in at any moment when we need them. We have a lot of guys that can get you through a lot of innings. It's fun getting to learn all the new pitchers, see all these different styles and it's helped me in my game behind the plate, catching pitchers that you aren't used to catching. It really keeps you on your toes, making sure you do things the right way.
What's been the toughest adjustment for you? What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?
Some of my strengths behind the plate are catching and throwing. But the biggest thing that I've been working on since I got here is ball security. Receiving every ball well to the umpire, controlling balls in the dirt to build trust with my pitchers to make sure that he knows he can miss down and I will be able to handle it.
What have you worked on the most in regards to hitting? 
When I got here there is a few quick mechanical adjustments I had to make and some long term adjustments that were tough feeling out. Since them, understanding the approach necessary to compete in the box against Pac-12 pitching.
How is it being a local guy on the team? 
Yeah we love having the guys over to my house for dinner every once and awhile because I know a lot of them miss home-cooked meals. Showing them around Seattle and giving them rides everywhere. It's been fun helping them with their transition here to Seattle and helped us as teammates.
What do you do in your free time? 
I love going out on the lake and doing watersports like wakeboarding, intertubing and wake surfing. I love fishing with my friends. I like going on hikes with my dog and hang out with friends through high school we played a lot of pick-up basketball.
from gohuskies.com


David Oppenheim '12

June 11, 2016
UPDATE: David Oppenheim was drafted in the 18th round by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  

MIHS' Class of 2012 David Oppenheim had a tremendous season as he became the first Trojan since 1995 to win the Pac-12 batting title. In addition, he won First-Team All-Pac-12 honors winning them for the first time in his career. He would finish the ’15 campaign batting .387 with four home runs and 25 RBIs, becoming a consistent weapon in the Trojan lineup. He was also voted a Baseball America 3rd Team All-American!


Please keep Coach Woody and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Dmetri Kennedy-Woody Memorial


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